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Functional Nutrition Coach

Want to learn how to fuel your body for your fitness, health, or wellness goals? 

Nutrition is vital to your health and fitness goals. Many people focus so hard on their exercise and workouts and forget that most of their progress is made in the kitchen. Aside from fitness and physique goals, a healthy diet supports healthy development and aging, reduces the risk of chronic disease, and helps fuel your body to reach your goals. 


As part of your overall lifestyle, I assess things like dietary restrictions, available time to cook, work schedules, financial resources, holidays, special occasions, and more. My training is backed by nutrition science, not fad diets and extreme measures. We consider how your diet makes you feel, in addition to the physical results you’re looking for. Ultimately, my goal is to educate my clients to make more informed nutrition choices that support their desired health outcomes. 


A goal of my work is to give my clients back control over food without restrictive dieting. This can include managing emotions around eating, regulating energy, avoiding food sensitivities, and more.

 Functional Nutrition Coaching

Functional nutrition coaching is intended to understand your specific needs and make recommendations to help improve your wellness. We accomplish this through a number of approaches including: 

  • In-depth assessment and health history 

  • In-depth look at current lifestyle and stressors

  • Recommendations on meal plans, progressions, and any supplements

  • Education of why we are doing what we are doing and how it is going to pertain to your goals

  • Check in Video call 1x a month

  • Consistent access to your coach via messaging system

  • In some cases, bloodwork and tests may be ordered as needed to better identify need and progress

 Macro &
Lifestyle Plans

Developed on an as-needed basis, Macro & Lifestyle Plans are perfect if you need to consider where you are vs where you are trying to go. You will meet with a coach to discover any lifestyle factors and other elements that may impact your approach. The coach will then develop a customized plan for your needs. This engagement does not include a coach’s support throughout the plan. 

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