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Elite Functional Health

Become the Most Elite Version of YOU.

The Mission

We empower motivated individuals and high achievers to understand and alleviate symptoms/root causes by educating and providing support through lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness education.

What Can We Do For You?

Functional Nutrition Planning Lindsay Perry

Labs + Testing

Healthy Sandwiches

Nutrition Programming

Fitness Coaching Lindsay Perry

Custom Workouts

Functional Health Supplementation Protocols

Individualized Protocols

Our Specialties

Creating Healthy Lifestyles

Functional Testing and Labs

Fitness Routines to Support Your Nutrition  

Integrative Nutrition Plans

Optimizing Adrenal, Hormonal, and Gut Health

Meet Your Functional Nutritionist

Welcome! I'm Lindsay. After dedicating most of my life to learning about the mental, physical, and environmental factors that help people become successful in reaching their health goals, I created Elite Functional Health.

Magnified Grass

The Elite Method

EFH exists to help people understand the root cause of their symptoms, identify tangible solutions and become the most ELITE version of themselves.

Ways We Work


The Pathfinder

In this one-time consultation, we will take a deep dive into your health history, habits, current concerns, and overall lifestyle. From there, we will customize a plan that best suits your health goals. 

1:1 Functional Health Coaching 

 We work directly with clients to assess their current state and goals and create a customized plan to get there. We partner with functional technology that helps facilitate communication, provides coaching on technique, and monitors progress.

Glasses and Notebook
Tablet & Coffee

Online Resources

In addition to our 1-1 programs, we also offer accessible online resources for those looking to learn more about functional nutrition and achieving an elite healthy lifestyle.

An Elite Approach


We are eager to learn and understand root causes, symptoms, and solutions. Curiosity fuels our fire to start making a change in our lives.


We recognize that everything works together (movement, lifestyle, food, supplementation, testing). We address the need in every area of our life to heal from the inside out.


Overcoming health challenges is not the easiest road to go down, but with the right open mind and approach, we can learn to tackle your concerns together.

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Become the most ELITE version of YOU.

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