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Client Wins

The dedication and work ethic my clients have is amazing! The results we have seen are incredible. Read about their experience to get a better understanding of what I do and the positive impact it has on my clients!

“I have had the privilege to with Lindsay for an extended period, and it has been an absolute pleasure. Lindsay possesses an exceptional talent for attentively listening to your needs, desires, and concerns. She goes above and beyond to delve deep into understanding where you are in your health journey and takes the necessary measures to ensure real results. Lindsay's consistently demonstrates genuine care and empathy by making herself available whenever you need her. It is truly remarkable to witness her unwavering dedication to achieving your desired results. I wholeheartedly recommend Lindsay without reservation.”​​

Victoria G

“I cannot praise Elite Functional Health enough, I began working with Lindsay around 4 months ago and my lifestyle specifically around nutrition has been renewed. I feel less bloated, leaner, and more in tune with the way my body works."

Taylor L

“Phenomenal experience! Lindsay is the absolute best. Not only have we accomplished a lot but I’ve learned so much along the way. She’s been such a blessing and I’m truly thankful. I will continue to rave about her to everyone I know. Highly recommend!”

Jennifer R

"Very responsible and caring! Loved working with Lindsay, she taught me lots of things about my body’s health and how to take care of it. Definitely learned how to feel more in sync with my body/cycle. 100% WOULD RECOMMEND."

Karen E.

“Lindsay has been my coach for only a few short months.  In that time the impact she’s made in my life has been tremendous!  She really listens to you and is never pushy.  She truly cares about every aspect of you.  I used to think I was fairly well versed in health and wellness, she has shown me there is SO much more!  I have neglected certain aspects that I didn’t know I needed.  I’m amazed by her knowledge and have learned so much from her. The direction in my life is changing and I couldn’t be happier about where I’m headed. :)”

Maureen S.

“Lindsay is great, very attentive and eager to help. She’s done her research and is available when you need her. I’m still trying to figure out my issues but I know Lindsay is motivated to help me and I feel optimistic about it!”

Mary A.


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