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1-1  Functional Health Coaching

A revolutionary virtual wellness approach that covers and supports all areas of your life

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Looking For A Functional Nutritionist?
You're in the right place. 

As a functional nutritionist, I recognize that everything works together (movement, lifestyle, food, supplementation, testing). We address the need in every area of our life to heal from the inside out.

Sound Familiar?

Are you exhausted from battling hormonal health issues or dealing with the effects of birth control?

Are struggling to find a healthy way to either gain, maintain, or lose weight?

Are you experiencing food sensitivity or gut health issues that disrupt the life you want to live?

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It doesn't have to be this way.

Together, we can get to the root cause of your health problems and give you back the life you want.

The Program Includes:

Functional Testing

Custom Workouts

Supplement Recommendations

Diet Recommendations

Lifestyle Recommendations

1:1 Support

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Not Your Average Coaching Plan

It's better.

As a functional nutritionist, I focus on the many elements that lead to a healthier life, not just what you put in your body. Your physical health, mental health, and how you interact with the environment impact your overall health. My functional nutrition services guide clients through nutrition, mind and body wellness, and physical performance.

"The way I feel after a few short months is night and day compared to where I was before & it’s only up from here. Investing in this approach to my health has been the best decision I’ve ever made, cannot thank and recommend her enough."

Lauren S

A Message From Your Coach

Functional health coaching can support several goals beyond weight loss. What are you hoping to accomplish? Feel better in your skin? Conquer a health concern? Improve mobility? Increase strength? Focus on physique? There are so many things you can achieve through my functional health approach.

Questions or concerns? Book a free discovery call!

Get Started

Step One:

Apply online
Schedule A Free Discovery Call (If you have questions or concerns)

 The application will entail looking at your full health history, learning about any previous work with coaches, your current lifestyle, and your goals. It’s important that the engagement is a good fit for both of us, and that you’re in the right place to make important changes to support your goal. 


Step Two:

Choose the Right Program For YOU

After your discovery call or application approval, you will have a better idea of which program is right for you!

1:1 Functional Health Coaching


The Pathfinder  (In-depth Consultation)

Apply below to get started!


Want to start small?

Try a 1:1 Consultation Call with me!

Initial Phone Call

Custom Protocol (Nutrition, movement & supplement recommendations)

Check-in at 6 weeks

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